desto synonyms and antonyms


English awake, attentive, conscious, alert, wake up, awaken
Italian desto, svegliatevi, sveglio
Swedish vakna, vaken
German aufwachen, aufwecken, erwachen, erwachet, munter, wach


English awake, all
German desto, umso


English all, garlic, every, everybody, everyone, everything, completely, altogether, an, at rate of, clove, eternity, like, long tailed duck, other, outer space, enclosure
Swedish all, samtliga, alla, allt, alltihop, allting, fullständigt, helt
German desto, all, universum, weltall, alledem, himmel, knoblauch, kosmos, völlig, welt, weltenraum, weltraum, ganz, total, vollkommen

desto antonyms

each, either, slumber, sleep, rest, dream, bed, nothing, only, part, pipe dream, from each one, eternal rest, yawn, none, go to bed, doze, only when, asleep, plant part, component part, consume, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, dormant, at peace, benumbed, deceased, both, midafternoon, ninth, no, no amount, nones, nought, nun, oscitance, oscitancy, gape, yawning, plot, parcel, party, share, binge eating disorder, parthian, roll in hay

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