devour synonyms and antonyms

go through

English devour, work through, pass through, experience, live to see, undergo


English go through, guttle, gobble, consume, demolish, raven, pig, down


English devour, gourmandise


English devour, scoff, bolt, hork


English devour, absorb, annihilate, burn, occupy, deplete, eat, eat up, exhaust, have, ingest, run through, squander, swallow, take, take in, use, use up, ware, waste, wipe out


English devour, abate, cry down, tear down, destroy, dismantle, knock down, pull down, pull to pieces, pulverise, pulverize, run down, take down, total


English devour, raven, corvus corax, flat, predate, prey


English devour, pig, pig bed, pig it, eurasian magpie, beak, briquette, buzgut, magpie, oinker, boar, hog, lieutenant, officer, patrolman, piglet, policeman, sow, swine, bull, slob, farrow, police


English devour, cut down, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, knock down, pull down, push down, shoot down, depressed, downward, downwardly, polish, toss off, land, pile

devour antonyms

arise, rise, climb, lift, raise, carry, hold, support, up, upward, build, produce, rush, climb up, upright piano, upright, build up, financial support, face lift, aerodynamic lift, benjamin rush, rush along, hold up, take hold, sky, across, athwart, over, thwart, transversely, crossways, appear, accrue, ascent, begin, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, get up, go up, issue, mount, occur, originate, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, soar, spring up, start up, surface, ascend, be born, bob up, scale, wax, climbing, come up, erect, get to one's feet, good, just, materialize, mounting, polystrate, stand up, trusty, surrect, unsloped, uprise, upwards, upwardly, vertical, well up, development

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