diagnose synonyms and antonyms


English debug, diagnose, check, trouble shoot


English troubleshoot, diagnose, debug, debugging, delouse
Portuguese debug, debugar, depurar
French déboguer, désinsectiser
German debug, entwanzen, debuggen


English diagnosis, troubleshoot, diagnostics, debug, name
Portuguese diagnóstico, diagnosticar
French diagnostic, diagnostiquer, nom
German befund, bestimmung, feststellung, diagnostizieren, erkennung


English diagnosis, medical diagnosis, diagnosing
Portuguese diagnose, diagnóstico
French diagnose, diagnostic
Danish diagnose, diagnosticering


German diagnose, diagnostik


English diagnose, name, proper name, adduce, agnominate, be known as, byname, call, designate, entitle, epithet, figure, gens, identify, know as, make, moniker, cush cush, list, mention, appoint, nominate, noun, public figure, reputation, sobriquet, term, letter
Norwegian kalle, namn, navn, nemne, nevne, egennavn, eigennamn
Portuguese antenome, chamar, epíteto, gens, nome, nome de batismo, nome próprio, nomear, nomes, pessoa, prenome, primeiro nome, propor
French nom, nommer, appeler, appellation, baptiser, dénomination, dénommer, désigner, faire, gens, identifier, mettre, nominer, préciser, rendre, s identifier à, situer, succéder, épithète
Danish kalde, navn, nævne
German name, benennen, benennung, bezeichnung, eigenname, ansehen, image, namen, nomen proprium, prestige, reputation, ruf, nennen, nomen, popularität, schimpfwort, zuname

diagnose antonyms

get what's coming to one, get it, catch it, cop it, unknown, anonymous, pseudonym, get to point, get on with it, address, catch hell, catch on, get lost, beat it, get outta here, get stuffed, get away with it, get over it, unknown quantity, unknown region, computer address, cut to chase, gertcha, get out of it, name and address, pseudonymous, alias, anonym, anon, faceless, nameless, on merits, unidentified, unmarked, untitled, nom de guerre, pen name, terra incognita, unfamiliar, obscure, unascertained, uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored, unnamed, unrecognized, unrevealed, unsung, strange, stranger, accost, adroitness, discourse, harangue, ingenuity, lecture, oration, petition, readiness, speech, tact, savoir faire, cover, alleviate, call, come up to, confront, deal with, destination, direct, field, reference, speak, turn to

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