did synonyms and antonyms


English didn’t, didst, thither


Danish did, derhen


English brand new, fresh, afresh, born again, current, newborn, nouveau, novel, recent, strange, unexampled, young, modern, freshly, nine, raw
Danish ny, frisk

did antonyms

ancient, mundane, banal, old, ruin, familiar, antique, original, regular, used, copy, thence, familiar spirit, longtime, long standing, long term, long time, old fashioned, dated, commonplace, threadbare, accustomed, never did, new testament, archaic, bylina, outdated, retro, everyday, hither and thither, therefore, therefrom, thereof, well i never, i never did, just did, gelding, established, birthday, familial, regulate, tune, ruins, kin, authentic, funny, master, mediocre, so so, baffle, time, former, trite, habituate, adjust, amicable, antiquate, age old, old timer, archetype, au fait, back, cliche, corny, hackneyed, meh, prosaic, vapid, banally, beggar, caffeinated, calamity, chummy, colloquial, common, constituted, creative, cripple, customary, decay, denizen, desolate, desolation, despicable, destroy, destruction, devastation, disaster, downgrade, dumb, earlier, early, equable, estd, conventional, effected, naturalized, even, acquainted, cheeky, close, conversant, nigget, companion, family member, fixture, previous, erstwhile, frequent, genuine, habitual, habitue, impoverish, intimate, just, licit, maim, material, worldly, boring, earthly, jejune, ordinary, profane, routine, tedious, vulgar, workaday, terrestrial, unremarkable, natal day, nondescript, one time, other, preceding, sometime, terrene, timeworn

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