direkte synonyms and antonyms


English direct, directly
Danish decideret, lige, ligefrem, ligeud, live, umiddelbar


English directly, direct, clear cut, conduct, lineal, unmediated, verbatim, calculate, mastermind, address, aim, target, lead, send, steer, immediate, immediately, officer, refer, right away, show way, straightforward, straight
Norwegian direkte, direkt
Danish direkte, lige


English direct, straight off, flat, immediately, straight, straight ahead
Esperanto direkte, rekte

direkte antonyms

indirect, retrograde, roundabout, round, round about, daily round, indirectly, backward, hash over, undirectly, shade, alternating, circuitous, rehash, retral, retreat, retrogressive, regress, round of golf, round off, round of drinks, round out, alternate, curtain, fill in, collateral, rotary, merry go round, traffic circle, carousel, undirect, vicarious, chamfer, circular, even, fill out, flesh out, labialise, labialize, lampshade, ghost, nuance, tad, shadow, shadiness, shadowiness, tincture, tint, tone, about, ament, apropos, around, bout, concerning, near, near to, not far from, relative to, respecting, touching, with reference to, with regard to, with respect to, almost, approximately, nearly, well nigh, virtually, after, as for, as to, astir, contiguously, fixing, ish, odd, on, one shot, re, regarding, rotund, complete, plump, rounded, spherical, pear shaped, canon, rump, circle, rung, beat, turn, cycle, polish, attack, troll, unit of ammunition, wrt, butt, cotter pin, peg

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