disposition synonyms and antonyms


English disposition, temper, temperament
German temperament, naturell, persönlichkeit, schisslaweng, verve, wildheit, charakter, veranlagung
French tempérament, entrain


English footfall, outline, disposal, inclination, layout, predisposition, tendency, regulation, placement, agreement, bent, humour, temper, temperament, arrangement, heart, order, disposition
German disposition, ausliegen, verfügung, verordnung, gesinnung, hang, neigung, veranlagung
French disposition, aptitude, clause, décision, faculté, mesure, propension, structure
Swedish disposition, anbringande, anordning, ordning, uppställning
Danish gemyt, menneskehjerte, natur, naturel, sind, sindelag


English placement, agreement, order, arrangement, musical arrangement, arranging, lay out, organisation, organization, scheme, set up, settlement, system, transcription, accommodation
German arrangement, abfindung, abmachung, absprache, anordnung, bearbeitung, vereinbarung, übereinkunft, einteilung, gebinde, installation, veranstaltung, zusammenstellung
French disposition, arrangement, accommodation, adaptation, agencement, classification, classification de cohn, compromis, organisation, régime, système, transcription


English arrangement, placement, emplacement, locating, location, position, positioning, investing
French disposition, arrangement, placement, emplacement, endroit, place, position, situation, stage


English tendency, bent, disposition, heart, inclination, angle of inclination, inclination of orbit, addiction, impulse, incline, penchant, preference, tilt, dip, inclining
German lust, neigung
French inclination, inclinaison, passion, penchant, pente, propension, tendance


English inclination, predisposition, disposition, aim, direction, penchant, propensity, trend, leaning
French tendance, menée, propension, évolution
Swedish benägenhet, tendens, trend


English tendency, diathesis, sensitivity
German anfälligkeit, neigung, veranlagung
French disposition, aptitude, prédisposition


English footstep, step
French disposition, mesure, pas, étape


English humour, disposition, abate, anneal, biliousness, harden, humor, irritability, mood, peevishness, pettishness, snappishness, surliness, rage, pique, chasten, toughness
German temperament, aushärten, härten, gereiztheit, laune
French caractère, tempérament, durcir, humeur, trempe
Danish temperament, hjørne, humør, stemningsleje


English abstract, define, lineation, sketch, delineate, draft, precis, schema, scheme, storyboard, synopsis, summary
German kontur, konturieren, umreissen, umriss
French contour, abréger, abrégé, esquisse, esquisser, grandes lignes, plan, projet, précis, résumer, résumé, schéma, silhouette, silhouetter, synopse, synopsis, ébauche, ébaucher
Swedish kantlinje, kontur
Danish disposition, omrids


English inclination, disposition, humour, bent, bent grass, mentha, aim, are, benedict, angled, angular, bowed, crooked, curved, deflected, determined, disposed, embowed, flexed, hooked, inclined, minded, prone, resolved, set on, twisted, queer, bended, crumpled, dead set, leaning, partiality, penchant, predilection, prepossession, proclivity, propensity, bentgrass, dam, hang, knack, set, ybent
German angewinkelt, korrupt, gebeugt, bias
French courbé, aptitude, vélo couché, courbe, création, ensemble, knack, mise, série, talent


English disposition, garbage disposal, administration, dumping, electric pig, use
French disposition, élimination


English temper, bent, humour, dry humour, bodily fluid, humor, amusingness, comedy, drollery, mood, pleasantry, state, wit, liquid body substance, dry humor, good
German disposition, humor, spass, stimmung
French humour, bouffonnerie


German layout, gestaltung, anordnung, einteilung, struktur
French disposition, maquette, schéma, structure, agencement, mise en page, plan, quadrillage
Swedish disposition, layout, arrangemang, indelning, struktur


English order, ascendance, ascendancy, by law, control, ordinance, regularisation, regularization, regulating, rule
German regulierung, regulativ, vorschrift, regeln
French disposition, gouvernement, ordonnance, règle, règlement, réglage, réglementation, régulation, statut, tenue


English arrangement, mutual agreement, accord, amenity, bargain, compact, concord, concurrence, concurrency, congeniality, consensus, contract, convention, covenant, pact, settlement, unanimity, understanding, unison, attunement, consent, correspondence, deal, level set, treaty, tuning
German disposition, abmachung, einigung, einverstanden, einverständnis, einwilligung, vereinbarung, vertrag, zustimmung, deal
French accord, entente, pacte, abord, accommodement, concordance, contrat, convention, correspondance, rapport, réglage, ton
Swedish avtal, samtycke, överenskommelse
Danish aftale, samtykke


English inclination, heart, bosom, breast, affection, ardour, benevolence, boldness, bravery, core, crux, essence, fortitude, honey, interior, love, marrow, meaning, mind, pith, purpose, spirit, kernel, center
German disposition, herz, centre, character, courage, emotion, feeling, kernel, passion, resolution, will
Danish hjerte, hjertemuskel, hjerter


English order, monastic order, holy order, order of magnitude, purchase order, put in order, rules of order, appointment, behest, booking, command, dictate, enjoin, gild, instruct
German disposition, regulation, arrangement, abfolge, anordnung, auftrag, bannen, befehl, bestellen, bestellung, dekret, direktive, edikt, orden, ordern, ordnung, ordo, reihenfolge, verfügen, verfügung
Danish bestilling, orden, ordre, rækkefølge, struktur

disposition antonyms

dissent, protest, disarray, disorder, chaos, anarchy, suggestion, club, calm, dispute, law, cheek, calm air, calm down, golf club, baseball club, disorganized, chin, disarrange, confusion, dishevel, disorderliness, disagree, social club, straight ahead, objection, persuasion, acracy, disorganised, expostulate, gainsaying, innuendo, law of nature, lawlessness, natural law, practice of law, vary, straight, equanimity, nightclub, clubhouse, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, abate, agitate, altercation, appease, argument, bat, bedlam, bludgeon

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