ebb synonyms and antonyms


English ebb tide, ebb away, ebb down, ebb off, ebb out, ebbing, wane, reflux, abate, decline, decrease, ebb
Swedish ebb, lågvatten


English ebb tide, ebb, reflux, gastroesophageal reflux, undertow


English ebb, decrease, fallback


English ebbing, wane, abate, ebb, decline, curtailment, abatement, contraction, cut, declension, decrement, lessening, reduction, subsidence, waning, contract, curtail, diminish, drop, dwindle, lessen, lower, reduce, retrench, subside, diminishment, diminution, drop off, fade, fall, minify, moderate, retrenchment, step down


English ebb, abate, decline, decrease, decay, diminishment


English wane, decrease, ebb, logging, abbot, abatement, allay, alleviate, allow, appease, assuage, attemper, bate, beat down, calm, compose, deduct, demolish, diminish, dull, fade away, fail, fall off, frustrated, intermit, lay low, lessen, lower, mitigate, mollify, overthrown, pacify, put end to, qualify, quiet, raze, rebate, reduce, relax, remit, remove, slacken, soften, sooth, subside, suppress, temper, terminate, tranquillize, fall through, humble, slake, abbess, contract, die away, invalidate, let up, moderate, slack, slack off
Swedish avta, förringa, minska


English wane, ebb, decrease, decline, autumn, comedown, consumption, correct, decay, declension, declination, atrophy, decadence, degeneracy, deterioration, downfall, falling off, phthisis, descent, avoid, degenerate, depreciate, deteriorate, diminish, droop, dwindle, fail, fall away, incline, inflect, languish, lapse, lessen, pine, refuse, reject, slope, vary, worsen, degeneration, diminishment, diminution, disapprove, evade, go down, reduction, renounce, slump, spurn, subside

ebb antonyms

go up, increase, flood, flood tide, rising tide, burn up, foul up, get up, heap up, mount up, pile up, flow, accept, agree, gain, elevate, climax, flux, go hard or go home, put up or shut up, wax, wave, go bankrupt, go belly up, rally, augment, arise, climb, come up, go on, go backward, back up, advance, rise, burn down, approach, ascend, build, hop on, flux density, gain ground, right, state of flux, straighten, build up, flow rate, kallang wave, rate of flow, rear, sealing wax, stoop, incline, augmentation, magnification, raise, jump, addition, stream, add, buff, burnish, canvass, compound, current, determine, dignify, dispose, cheer up, ennoble, lift, promote, enlist, exchange, magnetic field, blend, liquefy, fluxion, full, furbish, gradient, inclination, slope, ramp, tend, keen, lift someone's spirits, lord, lump, mexican wave, move, tilt, wave about

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