ect synonyms and antonyms


English electroconvulsive therapy, ecthr, ect
German ect, egmr
Japanese ect, 電気けいれん療法, 電気痙攣療法

electroconvulsive therapy

English ect, electroshock therapy, electroshock
French électroconvulsivothérapie, sismothérapie, électrochoc, électronarcose
Japanese ect, 電撃療法, 電気けいれん療法, 電気ショック, 電気ショック療法, 電気痙攣療法

ect antonyms

end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, death, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, termination, ending, finish, last, newline, oddment, point, remainder, remnant, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india

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