energy synonyms and antonyms

get up and go

English pep, energy, drive, motivation, oomph


English get up and go, energy, pep, ginger, peppiness, peppy, phosphoenolpyruvate
Catalan energia, ànima, ímpetu
Spanish alma, energía
Basque adore, energia, kemen
French pep, ravigoter, revigorer, énergiser, entrain, gingembre, peps, punch, tonus


English get up and go, department of energy, magic point, free energy, pep, muscularity, vigor, vigour, vim, vitality, zip, action, iron, push, energy, go
Catalan vigor, energy, energia, espenta, nervi, vitalitat
Spanish vigor, energy, energía, brío, fuerza, nervio, vitalidad
Basque energy, adore, bizitasun, energia, indar, kemen
French energy, énergie, force, pousser, ressort, vigueur, vitalité, énergétique
Galician energy, enerxía

department of energy

English energy, department of energy, energy department, doe

magic point

English energy, mana point

free energy

English energy, exergy


English energy, muscledom, brawn, musculosity


English vigor, energy
French force, vigueur


English vigour, energy, vigor, vim and vigor, dynamism, feeble, forcefulness, heartiness, alacrity, spirited
Spanish vigor, lozanía, robusteza, vigente
French força, force, vigueur


English energy, vim, vim and vigor, withe, wicker, mood
French vim, osier


English energy, verve, animation, life force
Spanish vitalidad, brío
French lymphe, vitalité


English energy, zip up, zip code, zip fastener, nix, whee, whizz, zing, slide fastener, nothing, travel rapidly, zipper
French disque zip, fermeture à glissière, fermeture éclair, que pouic


English energy, action, legal action, military action, action mechanism, achievement, acting, activity, affair, battle, brush, case, combat, conflict, contest, course, deed, doing, enacting, encounter, exercise, fable, feat, force, influence, instrumentality, lawsuit, measure, movement, pay, performing, playing, procedure, process, prosecution, rencontre, representation, representing, skirmish, subject, suit, turn, natural process, carry through, activeness, agency, conduct, equity, litigate, sue, thing, contribution, part, bill, share, stock, stock certificate
Catalan acció, activitat, fet, actuació, efecte, intervenció, obra
Spanish acción, actividad, acto, demandar, hecho, litigar, proceder, procesar
Basque egin, egintza, ekintza
French action, action boursière, action de société, activité, combat, faire jouer, geste, poursuivre, réaction


English energy, iron, branding iron, cast iron, iron out, smoothing iron, atomic number 26, chains, fe, flatiron, ferrum, poof, shackles, press, irons, stony, weights
Catalan ferro, ferros, número atòmic 26, planxa, planxar
Spanish planchar, hierro, plancha
Basque burdin, burdina, lisaburdina, plantxa, plantxatu
French repasser, chaîne, fe, fer, fer à repasser
Galician férreo, fe, ferro, número atómico 26


English energy, push button, push shot, bear on, crowd, force, impulse, pass, approach, bear down, press, advertise, crusade, tug, pushing, thrust
Catalan animar, empenta, empentar, empènyer, impulsió, incitar, pitjada, prémer
Spanish empujar, animar, apretar, empujón, incitar
Basque aurrerakada, bultza egin, bultzada, bultzaldi, bultzatu, sakatu, zanpatu, zapaldu
French pousser, avancer, foule, poussée, pression, propager
Galician empurrar, empuxar


English energy, go, absolutely, act, bull, depart, gee, git along, carryout, takeaway, takeout, attempt, gage, green light, mode, stint, weiqi, crack, adam, called, fare, journey, known, leave, move, travel, become, belong, crumble, disappear, fit, function, go out, die, fail, proceed, plump, run low, rifle, start, sound, blend, run, survive, go away, go game, lead, ly, naked, nude, song, spell, take, that, tour, tread, turn, walk
Catalan go, acudir, adreçar se, anar, anar se'n, dirigir se, donar, fer cap, marxar, portar, tanda, tocar, torn, venir, volta
Spanish go, acudir, dar, ir, irse, llevar, proceder, tocar, turno
Basque go, abiatu, bideratu, eko, eraman, etako, ko, go joko, joan, zuzendu
French go, tour, jeu de go, aller, allouer, amener, conduire, consacrer, destiner, devenir, dire, diriger, disparaître, départir, faire, gagne, gigaoctet, gé, mener, ouze, partir, passer, procéder, proverbe, que, reculer, se rendre, si, tour opérateur, tourner, voyage, voyagiste
Galician go, destinar, ir, ir para, irse, pasar, preparado, ser múltiplo, soar

energy antonyms

entropy, anergy, matter, material, inaction, fatigue, mass, doll, fatigue duty, unfasten, nonmagnetic, tired, be tired of, wrinkle, weakness, counterfeit, disability, disgregation, information, randomness, fake, hokey, inactiveness, inactivity, money changer, stagnation, undo, unhook, untie, unsnib, unworksome, lazy, irritated, dull, effusion, abate, addled, blunt, boring, crease, crinkle, crisp, debility, dame, dolly, lackluster, deadening, dense, leaden, softened, thudding, sluggish, dullen, pall, muffle, numb, tire, furrow, gormless, hardship, inactive, insipid, bone idle, faineant, lethargic, line, obtund, ruckle

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