equanimity synonyms and antonyms


English even mindedness, serenity, composure, calmness, equanimity


English equanimity, serenity, peace of mind, sereneness, harmony, peace, tranquility, repose


English equanimity, calmness, calm, coolness, head, peacefulness, placidity, poise, tranquility


English equanimity, composure, peacefulness, stillness, tranquility, coolness, peace of mind

equanimity antonyms

fear, anxiousness, anxiety, disquiet, disturbance, commotion, disruption, annoyance, confusion, convulsion, derangement, discomposure, disorder, distraction, excitement, fracas, hindrance, hubbub, molestation, perturbation, riot, rising, ruction, turmoil, unsettlement, uproar, affray, noise, mental disorder, do, flutter, hoo ha, hoo hah, hurly burly, kerfuffle, trouble, upset, awe, dismay, dread, concern, afraid, revere, reverence, fearfulness, feather, ferry, fourth, fright, horror, husband, one, unease, veneration, uncertainty, awkwardness, insecurity, man

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