equilibrium synonyms and antonyms


English sense of equilibrium, sense of balance, chemical equilibrium, labyrinthine sense, vestibular sense, sanity, equanimity, poise, balance
German balance, gleichgewicht, äquilibrium


English equilibrium, mind, saneness, rationality, sensibleness
German verstand, zurechnungsfähigkeit


English poise, equilibrium, balance, balance sheet, balance wheel, libra, proportion, account, disinterest, scales, counterweight, remainder, symmetry, adjust, cast accounts, clear, compare, compensate, counteract, counterbalance, counterpoise, equalize, equilibrate, make up for, neutralize, reckon, square, trim, weigh, compensation, equilibrise, equilibrize, equipoise, remaining, scale, stool pigeon, stocktaking, profit and loss, weighing machine
German poise, balance, aplomb, austarieren, auswuchten, gleichgewicht, innere ruhe, balancieren, balkenwaage, bilanz, guthaben, saldo, unruh, waage, äquilibrium


English balance, poise, composure, aplomb, brace, sangfroid
German equilibrium, balance


English equanimity, composure, calmness, even mindedness, serenity
German equilibrium, gelassenheit, gleichmut

equilibrium antonyms

lunacy, insanity, madness, bias, slip, disequilibrium, foolishness, insaneness, craziness, dementia, derangement, mania, folly, slip of paper, slip of tongue, slip one's mind, slip up, bedlam, bent, biased, prejudice, diagonal, rabidness, fury, rabies, partiality, preconception, predetermine, briefs, dock, drop away, drop off, eluding, elusion, error, fall away, filing card, index card, miscue, parapraxis, shirttail, sideslip, skid, blooper, lapse, faux pas, case, chemise, strip, slickness, mooring, cutting, dislocate, err, steal, sneak, swimming trunks, trip, pants, underpants, undies, pair of trousers, pantie, trousers, ways

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