erdöl synonyms and antonyms

crude oil

English petroleum, crude
German rohöl, erdöl


English crude oil, oil, petroleum, kerosene, paraffin, crude, fossil oil, rock oil
German petroleum, erdöl, petrol, steinöl


English petroleum, oil, oil painting, vegetable oil, oil color, oil colour, blemish, educate, anoint, international labor organization
German erdöl, öl, öle

erdöl antonyms

gas, vinegar, water, gas pedal, natural gas, step on gas, gas liquid chromatography, hit gas, inert gas, acetum, water system, body of water, water down, fart, kerosene, air, bicycle, chap, diesel, fastball, accelerator, accelerator pedal, big, flatulence, fuel, gasolene, gasoline, throttle, throttle control, vapor, wind, petrol, garrulously, greatly, idly, please, poison, refuel, turn, with, boast, gaseous phase, gaseous state, gauze, guest, burn, dihydrogen monoxide, flush toilet, h2o, hydric acid, hydrogen hydroxide, hydrogen oxide, hydroxic acid, hydroxilic acid, hydroxyl acid, hydroxylic acid, irrigate, pneumatic, you, benzine, plant stem, stalk

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