erhängen synonyms and antonyms


English hang, hang about, hang up, hang down, cave, slope, audio, burrow, den, disposition, fall, flow, fork, bent, suspend, bedeck, drop, exhibit, float, freeze, gallows, hook, lynch, put up, cling, attend, knock about, knock around, penchant, proclivity, sound, string up, voice
German hang, abfahrt, abhang, erhängen, böschung, faible, gefälle, sympathie, vorliebe, hängen, inklination, interesse, manie, tendenz, ton, lynch

erhängen antonyms

let go, let go of, lay, bang, let, go, fall, abandon, leggo, release, loose, drape, climb up, climb, curtain, clothe, call, call option, margin call, call in, call off, call out, call up, fall down, phone call, telephone call, go game, roll in hay, ascend, ascent, go up, scale, rise, wax, climbing, go out, go away, mount, mounting, drop, descent, waterfall, adhan, afraid, anxiously, bam, exclamation point, explosion, fringe, strike, hit, knock, slapdash, fuck, nail, slam, spang, bank, beat, blast, bong, boot, burst, call to prayer, charge, clap, ecphoneme, eruption, flush, frighten, kick, put down, repose, rest, set table, shake, worldly, garlic

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