erhöhen synonyms and antonyms


English raise, increase, rear, advance, dignify, cheer up, ennoble, lift, promote, lift someone's spirits, lord
German erheben, anheben, erhöhen


English elevate, enhance, advance, arouse, breed, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure, conjure up, erect, evoke, get up, hike, invoke, leaven, lift, parent, prove, put forward, put up, ascent, resurrect, recruit, grow, promote, rear, rise, salary increase, set up, stir, wage hike, wage increase
German aufrichten, aufschütten, einwerben, erbringen, erheben, erhöhen, grossziehen, hochziehen, paroli, heben


English increase, raise, augment, augmentation, magnification, rise, jump, addition, add, compound
German augment, erhöhen, vergrössern, vermehren


English elevate, accrease, addition, development, eke, enlargement, expand, extend, gather, go up, growth, gain, increment, proliferate, wax, inflation, step up
German anhebung, aufstockung, ausweitung, bereicherung, steigern, wachstum, zunahme, zunehmen, zuwachs, erhöhen, vergrössern


English raise, heighten, improve, optimize, perfect, snazz up
German erhöhen, vergrössern

erhöhen antonyms

push down, down, salary cut, pay cut, abate, wane, decline, decrease, depress, lower, reduce, contract, shrink, drop, cut, fall, demotion, push, bear down, shrink back, contract law, contract bridge, degradation, disrating, downgrading, reduction to ranks, relegation, lower berth, logging, abbot, demote, break, bump, cast down, cut of meat, cut off, decay, deject, demoralise, demoralize, downbear, press down, diminishment, dismay, dispirit, downgrade, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, fall down, get down, kick downstairs, pay, pay up, pay off, push button, push shot, relegate, ebb, destroy, abatement, allay, alleviate, allow, appease, assuage, attemper, bate, beat down, calm, compose, deduct, demolish, diminish, dull, fade away, fail, fall off, frustrated, intermit, lay low, lessen, mitigate, mollify, overthrown, pacify, put end to, qualify, quiet, raze, rebate, relax, remit, remove, slacken, soften, sooth, subside, suppress, temper, terminate, tranquillize, fall through, humble, slake, abbess, autumn, boil down, bring down, come down, comedown, concentrate, consumption, correct, crop, curtailment, cut back, cut down, declension, declination, atrophy, decadence, degeneracy, deterioration, downfall, falling off, phthisis, descent, avoid, degenerate, depreciate, deteriorate, droop, dwindle, fall away, incline, inflect, languish, lapse, pine, refuse, reject, slope, vary, worsen, contraction, decrement, ebbing, lessening, reduction, subsidence, waning, curtail, retrench, degeneration, die away, diminution, dirac constant, disapprove, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, evade, fade, go down, head shrinker, headshrinker, inspissate, invalidate, knock down, let up, limit, moderate, perish, pull down, put down, ravage, ruin, shoot down, psychiatrist, funk

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