erhöhung synonyms and antonyms


English rise, increase, addition, enlargement
German inkrementieren, zuwachs, erhöhung, zunahme


English arise, ascend, ascending, ascension, ascent, boost, climb, climb up, come up, cost increase, get up, go up, head, hike, jump, lift, move up, mushroom, prove, rear, raise, advance, upgrade, emanation, come back from dead, resurrect, heighten, wax, surface, rebel, originate, rising, uprise
German anheben, anstieg, auferstehen, aufstehen, steigen, aufgang, aufstieg, erhöhung, zunahme, aufsteigen, hochfliegen, hochsteigen


English nurture, working, breeding, elevation, rearing
German anzucht, aufhebung, erhöhung

erhöhung antonyms

descend, go down, sink, set, sundown, sunset, drop, fall, lower, reduce, run, tread, go, lay, sun, crash, decline, go up, burn down, kip down, go to bed, decrement, decrease, tread on neck of, tread on, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, lower berth, nightfall, twilight, below, down, chalaza, crockery set, cut down, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, exercise set, fall down, footstep, knock down, run away, run for, set theory, stage set, set up, go game, zinc, abate, basin, beneath, downstream, under, underneath, downstairs, downwards, at lower place, on lower floor, boil down, bring down, come down, concentrate, condescend, cornett, crop, cut, cut back

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