erhaltung synonyms and antonyms


English preservation, conservation


English conservation, saving
German erhaltung, konservierung


English preservation, conservation, retention, retentiveness, storage
German erhaltung, konservierung, naturschutz, bewahrung

erhaltung antonyms

pollution, silence, waste, decay, wasting, self pollution, expenditure, stagnation, atrophy, cachexia, excessive, spending, consumption, disbursal, disbursement, expending, outgo, spend, abandon, orgulous, outlay, superfluous, be quiet, defilement, devilish, extravagant, inordinate, excessively, extreme, heavy handed, inaudibility, abandonment, relinquishment, aband, wantonness, wildness, adjure, cast off, cede, deliver up, demit, desert, drop, evacuate, forego, forsake, forswear, give over, give up, lay down, leave, let go, part with, quit, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, vacate, waive, yield, abdicate, blin, cast aside, depart, desist, dispense, forgo, forlet, jilt, retire, run out on, withdraw, withsake, desolate, desuetude, ditch, nocturnal emission, soilage, contamination, befoulment, strand, throw over, unconstraint, retirement, withdrawal, cession, desertion, negligence, concession, passing, acquiescence, privacy, noiselessly, quiet, quietly, quietness, hush, whist, muteness, secrecy, silently, over, lull

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