erheblich synonyms and antonyms


English substantially, exceedingly, greatly, lot, immensely
German erheblich, ungeheuer


English vastly, pertinent, relevant, substantially, considerable, serious, severe, important
German relevant, bombastisch, bedeutend, beträchtlich, gravierend, kräftig, signifikant, tierisch, wichtig


English relevant, pertinent, apposite, apt, germane, perceptive, salient
German erheblich, sachbezogen, sachdienlich, stichhaltig, treffend, angemessen


English vastly, considerably, well
German erheblich, beträchtlich, substanziell, wesentlich


English pertinent, relevant, applicable, germane, current, respective
German erheblich, relevant, bedeutsam, belangvoll, brechen, irrelevant, massgeblich, nennenswert, bedeutend, belangreich, wichtig, sachbezogen, sachdienlich, signifikant, unabdingbar, vonnöten


English considerable, appreciable, consequential, hefty, momentous, some time, notable, sizeable
German erheblich, beachtlich, beträchtlich, erklecklich, geraum, stattlich, ziemlich


English severe, considerate, good, grave, mean, life threatening, unplayful
German erheblich, ernst, ernsthaft, gravierend


English serious, bad, dour, porcini, brutal, extreme, hard, harsh, heavy, intense, rigorous, strict, austere, knockout, life threatening, spartan, terrible, severely
German erheblich, bad


English considerable, serious, important, self important, important thing, authoritative, large, prominent, significant, critical, high, historic, weighty, crucial, momentous, of import, vip, major
German erheblich, bedeutend, entscheidend, wichtig

erheblich antonyms

neither here nor there, beside point, immaterial, ignorable, negligible, slight, trivial, unimportant, insignificant, lenient, off topic, minor, petty, irrelevant, mild, play, game, grave, coltish, frolicsome, petty form, flippant, fiddling, child's play, dramatic play, grave accent, inconsequential, inconsiderable, useless, ridiculous, atomic, hardscrabble, midget, miserable, narrow, twopenny halfpenny, gentle, airy, amiable, bland, clement, cold shoulder, derisive, dinky, disrespectful, frivolous, light minded, foolish, forbearing, glib, hackneyed, ignoble, inapposite, indulgent, laughable, lax, little, little house, ludicrous, meaningless, moot, neglectable, trifling, pathetic, peanut, absurd, funny, goofy, humorous, odd, silly, surreal, unreasonable, willy nilly, preposterous, tiny, slender, tenuous, belittlement, ignoring, neglect, rebuff, belittle, contemn, theatre play, unmeaning, unnotable, video game, weak, wound

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