erkaufen synonyms and antonyms


English pay up, pay off, tendon, action, ante up, compensate, compensation, fee, he, make up, numerator, wage, give, yield, pie, portion, remuneration, she, straw
German erkaufen, anteil, arbeitslohn, besoldung, bezahlen, entlohnen, er, lohnen, sold, zahlen

erkaufen antonyms

steal, free, charge, denominator, bursting charge, electric charge, explosive charge, owe, lend, earn, nun, stiff, taxes, free of charge, free people, receive, sell, abstract, accept, acquire, add, bargain, bestow, betray, bring, chore, contribute, deal, eagle, deserve, yield, gain, find, garner, get, have, impart, incur, invite, knock down, loan, lumbar, win, mother, dam, uterus, stub, raise, churg strauss syndrome

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