essicare synonyms and antonyms


English drain, dry


English drain, culvert, enfeeble, drainage, drainpipe, kennel, leech, outhole, run out, waste pipe
Italian essicare, scolo, drenaggio, essiccare, gola, prosciugare, scarico, scolare, sgocciolare, vuotare


English dry out, prohibitionist, sere, arid, burn, cunning folk, dewater, druid, droughty, thirsty, waterless, ironic, juiceless, teetotal
Italian essicare, asciugare, asciugarsi, disidratare, essiccare, essiccarsi, proibizionista, seccare, seccarsi, secco, asciutto

essicare antonyms

fill, fill up, fill in, wet, moisture, monsoon, stop up, steam, drink, flood, mist, cloy, permeate, close, moisturize, dry wash, wash, noah and flood, flood tide, flood lamp, mist over, drink in, drink to excess, humidify, moisten, moisturise, steam up, steam clean, teary, tear filled, watery eyed, wash away, wash drawing, wash off, wash out, downpour, sweet, sweet flavored, sweet smelling, henry sweet, fog, statute, thread, manure, dung, dwell, haze, weakiness, rack, rainy season, wet season, son, child, cub, logos

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