estrarre synonyms and antonyms


English quarry, extract, mine, draw


English mine, booty, game, mark, prey, target, pit, dig
Italian estrarre, cava, cava di pietra, preda


English extract, deduction, draw out, extraction, extractive principle, origin, excerpt, infusion, outdraw, sunder out, distill, press out, educe, pull, pull out, pull up, reduction, rip out, take out, tear out
Italian estrarre, cavare, estirpare, levare, stirpare


English quarry, mine, tooth enamel, countenance, me, mien, mina, tramcar, air, appearance, expression, look, mining, bearing, miner
Italian estrarre, mettere mine, mio, miniera, aria, aspetto, cera, mina, minare, scavare


English draw and quarter, draw play, draw poker, absorb, cast, dead heat, dry creek, stalemate, tie, tie score, hook, drawing card, attract, pull, disembowel, describe, puff, guide, pull back, string, trace, reap, withdraw, get, get out, haul, haulage, lot, make, pull out, quarter, standoff, suck, take out, undraw, yonder
Italian estrarre, disegnare, fare, patta, pescare, prendere, sfoderare, tirare, trarre

estrarre antonyms

paint, painting, undraw, house painting, erase, push, push button, push shot, delete, efface, mindwipe, rub out, score out, wipe off, wipe out, bear on, crowd, face card, force, impulse, ink, rouge, key, color, colour, third art, picture, pigment, pass, energy, approach, bear down, press

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