estrazione synonyms and antonyms


English quarrying, extraction, abstraction, mining, origin, drawing


English origin, extraction, extract, descent


English abstraction, abstract, abstract entity, abstractedness, concept, generalisation, generalization, digression
Italian estrazione, astrazione, astratto, cavata, generalizzazione


English mining, excavation, minelaying, minework
Italian estrazione, industria mineraria, posa di mine


English extraction, origin, lineage, beginning, descent, extract, head, inception, make, origination, well, zero, zero vector
Italian estrazione, origin, origine, ascendenza, genesi, radice


English drawing, drawing off, drafting, draftsmanship, draft, lottery
Italian estrazione, disegno, svinatura

estrazione antonyms

terminus, destination, insertion, specialization, differentiation, term, boundary, end, end of line, ending, final, finale, finish, interpolation, introduction, intromission, limit, address, specialisation, specialism, speciality, specialty, mete, technical term, terminal figure, terminal, end point, boundary marker, fate

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