estrinsecare synonyms and antonyms


English express, express train, express mail, express rifle, articulate, convey, draw out, espresso, evince, explicit, fast, fast train, outspeak, carry, press out, expressage, give tongue to, limited, show, state, utter, verbalise, verbalize, expression
Italian estrinsecare, espresso, esprimere, autobus, esteriorizzare, esternare, manifestare, mostrare, proferire, profferire, pronunciare, rapido

estrinsecare antonyms

slow, delay, local, time delay, implied, local anesthetic, obstetrical delivery, delivery, slow down, slow up, implicit, position, site, bringing, childbirth, deliverance, pitch, rescue, manner of speaking, handover, legal transfer, livery, adjournment, dallying, dawdling, deferring, detention, hindrance, impediment, lingering, masterly inactivity, policy, postponement, procrastination, retardation, stay, stoppage, tarrying, adjourn, calm, forslow, check, detain, forbearance, hesitate, hinder, hold, hold up, holdup, impede, laggard, latency, premises, grassroots, indigenous, topical, stopper, locus, penelopize, postpone, procrastinate, purveying, retard, stall, suspension, time lag, wait, provision, nonforeign, place, poky, pub, slack, slacken, boring, deliberate, dilatory, dull witted, gradual, deadening, dense, sluggish, behind, tardily, decelerate, stead, venue, space, room

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