eterogeneo synonyms and antonyms


English miscellaneous, mixed, unlike, dissimilar, diverse, eclectic, contrary, contrasted, indiscriminate, opposed, unhomogeneous, heterogenous


English heterogeneous, motley, composite


English miscellaneous, colorful, diverse, multi coloured, assortment, vary, mottled, parti color, promiscuous, variegated
Italian eterogeneo, variegato


English composite, composite material, composite plant, compound, complex
Italian eterogeneo, composito, ecclettico, eclettico, moltiforme, multiforme, variegato

eterogeneo antonyms

prime, homogeneous, prime number, prime of life, prime quantity, clear, homogenous, choice, first, flower, golden years, ground, heyday, premier, earliest, excellent, greatest, indivisible, meridian, select, bloom, undercoat, premium, bounty, bonus

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