etichetta synonyms and antonyms


English tag, label, recording label, categorise, pronounce, labellum, mark, pigeonhole, slime, bell ringer, rag, price tag, trade name
Italian etichetta, etichetta di identificazione


English label, etiquette, protocol, tag


Italian etichetta, buone maniere, cerimoniale, galateo, rituale


English protocol, communications protocol, procedure, policy, treaty
Italian etichetta, protocollo, protocollo di comunicazione


English label, tag, dart tag, dialogue tag, tagus, roof, day, chasey, credit cookie, it, mark, markup, member, moniker, rag, chase, take, ticket, while
Italian etichetta, tag, giorno, acchiapparello, cartellino, ce l hai, chiapparello, chiapperello, chiappino, contrassegnare, distinguere, etichettare

etichetta antonyms

bad mannered, ill mannered, lag, ill, mannerless, detag, untag, ill favoured, ill intentioned, team, coating, film, association, layer, squad, statute, melody, poke along, song, stay on, straggle, tier, ugly, weak, weakness, stratum, be kept in, dally, dawdle, fall back, fall behind, feeble, latency, slowdown, stave, interim, imprison, lake, law, misfortune, sick, ailing, bad, calamity, evil, i.e, crabbed, diseased, disgusted, disordered, dope, faulty, harmful, hateful, indisposed, iniquitous, malevolent, malicious, naughty, peevish, surly, unfavourable, unfortunate, unjust, unkind, unprepossessing, unwell, wicked, wrong, ominous, affliction, ailment, badness, depravity, il, mischief, misery, pain, trouble, wickedness, illinois, badly, illy, poorly, unfortunately, incurable, injury, mannered

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