evasione synonyms and antonyms


English breakout, break
Italian evasione, fuga, breakout


English breakout, jailbreak, evasion, fuga, distraction, escape
Italian evasione fiscale, disbrigo


English jailbreak, break


English escape, dodging, equivocation, prevarication, shift, shuffling, subterfuge, nonpayment


English breakout, jailbreak, escape, fugue, grout, getaway, running away, abscondment, break, elopement, bolt, disappearance, flee, flight, flower, fugal, leak, leakage, suite
Italian evasione, fugato


English distraction, absence of mind, absent mindedness, beguilement, disturbance, diversion, misdirection
Italian evasione, distrazione


English evasion, escape, escape key, running away, abscondment, break loose, elude, safety valve, emerge, get off, miss, run, escapism, evade, exhaust pipe, flight, fly, get away, leak, leakage, outflow, breaking away, getaway
Italian evasione, fuga, scappare, colaggio, distrazione, escapismo, fuggire, fuoriuscita, fuoruscita, meccanismo di fuga, perdita, sfuggire

evasione antonyms

be imprisoned, prison, imprison, attention, capture, be kept in, stay on, stand at attention, for attention of, prison house, stay, stay over, stay put, pay attention, prison cell, becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, get, appropriate, catch, charm, enamor, enamour, enchant, enjail, entrance, fascinate, gaining control, gaol, immure, bang up, lock up, put away, incarcerate, jail, jug, lag, pound, put behind bars, remand, being, advertence, advertency, attending, addresses, application, care, circumspection, civility, courtesy, courtship, deference, heed, mindfulness, politeness, reflection, regard, respect, study, suit, watch, watchfulness, wooing, organism, beingness, beware, continue, delay, detain, ear, existence, face of earth, keep one's word, seizure, take, trance

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