evitare synonyms and antonyms

shy away from

Italian evitare, astenersi


English shy away from, ward off, avoid, parry, shun, ignore, dodge, debar, prevent, hedge
Italian scansare, risparmiare, scapolare

ward off

English debar, ward, protect from, turn away, apotropaic
Italian evitare, deviare, scansare, scapolare, sviare, scongiurare


English ward off, avoid, debar, avert, bar, suspend, deflect, fend off, forefend, forfend, head off, obviate, owe, stave off
Italian evitare, allontanare, prevenire, schivare, stornare


English debar, abjure, keep off, invalidate, decline, evade, shirk, steer clear of
Italian evitare, astenersi, guardarsi, scansare, schivare


English hedge, block, deflect, fence, counterpunch
Italian evitare, deviare, parare, scansare, schivare, sviare


English eschew, evade, banish
Italian evitare, detestare, fuggire, sfuggire


English cut, disregard, misheed, neglect, turn blind eye, unheed, unmind, dismiss, snub
Italian evitare, ignorare, disconoscere


English hedge, dodge, contrivance, duck, sidestep, dodging, equivocate, evade, scheme, shirk, steer clear of
Italian evitare, dodge, scansare, schivare, scansarsi


English forbid, foreclose, forestall, keep, obstruct, preclude
Italian evitare, impedire, prevenire


English dodge, parry, hedge, hedge in, circumvent, duck, elude, evade, fence, fudge, barrier, hedgerow, hedging, put off, sidestep, skirt, weasel word
Italian evitare, siepe, aggirare, eludere, operazione di copertura, scansare, schivare, sottrarsi

evitare antonyms

listen, observe, mention, notice, recognize, regard, allow, let, care, look, watch, touch, test, stop, cause, honorable mention, keep watch, listen in, listen to, give care, look here, look like, mental test, psychometric test, read, read out, sense of touch, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, touch modality, touch sensation, watch for, watch out, watch over, common starling, reply, stare, mentioning, report, starling, abate, accept, acknowledge, act on, act upon, add, adduce, advert, affect, agnise, agnize, allot, give, permit, give up, admit, leave, answer, apportion, appropriate, attend, attention, behold, bring up, call attention to, celebrate, cite, compliments, consider, declaration, discern, distinguish, do, earmark, empower, esteem, get back to, grade, grant, greenlight, judge, keep, knowledge, like, maintain, make out, detect, discover, perceive, remark, note, respect, respond, response, take heed, twig

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