evocare synonyms and antonyms


English suggest, arouse, remember, raise


English connote, demonstrate, display, evoke, hint, indicate, insinuate, intimate, manifest, move, paint picture, point out, propose, advise, allude, denote, recommend
Italian evocare, suggerire


English raise, awaken, stimulate, wake up, elicit, enkindle, evoke, excite, fire, inflame, kindle, provoke, sex, stir, stir up, tintillate, turn on, unsettle, wind up, work up
Italian evocare, eccitare, provocare, accendere, agitarsi, destare, fare, fomentare, ispirare, solleticare, suscitare


English remember, bethink, call back, call up, recall, recollect, reminisce, commemorate, commend, retrieve, think, think back, think of
Italian evocare, rammemorare, rammentare, ricordare, rimembrare, pensare, ricordarsi, rievocare, una donna dimentica


English arouse, advance, breed, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure, conjure up, elevate, erect, evoke, get up, hike, invoke, leaven, lift, parent, prove, put forward, put up, ascent, resurrect, enhance, recruit, grow, promote, rear, rise, salary increase, set up, stir, wage hike, wage increase
Italian evocare, alzare, levare, aumentare, aumento, costruire, dirizzare, drizzare, elevare, erigere, esporre, fabbricare, innalzare, lievitare, rilanciare, rilancio, rincarare, risollevare, rizzare, sollevare, suscitare

evocare antonyms

set aside, push down, down, salary cut, pay cut, booked, engaged, lower, cut, suspend, allow, demotion, push, bear down, set something aside, forgetting, degradation, disrating, downgrading, reduction to ranks, relegation, lower berth, pay, pay up, pay off, push button, push shot, cut of meat, cut off, forget, destroy, cut down, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, knock down, pull down, shoot down, tendon, abate, action, ante up, bear on, blank out, block, bring down, bury, compensate, compensation, crowd, decrease, demean, depress, desolate, annihilate, break, demolish, eradicate, kill, ruin, waste, destruct, dispatch, downstroy, draw blank, fee, force, disregard, obliviate, get down, he, impulse, leave, lessen, let down, lour, low germany, degrade, diminish, drop, humble, reduce, subside, die off, shorten, frown, turn down, make up, perish, put down, ravage

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