evoluzione synonyms and antonyms


English development, evolution, organic evolution, phylogenesis, phylogeny
Italian evoluzione, evolution


English evolution, maneuver, growth, development


English tactical maneuver, evasive action, tactic, manoeuver, steer, manoeuvre, play, ploy, simulated military operation, tactical manoeuvre
Italian evoluzione, manovra


English development, accretion, cancer, growing, enlargement, outgrowth, vegetation, emergence, increase, lump, maturation, ontogenesis, ontogeny
Italian evoluzione, crescita, embriogenesi, espansione, ontogenesi, sviluppo, vegetazione


English evolution, growth, developing, disclosure, disentanglement, explication, increase, unfolding, unravelling, exploitation, developmentation, net
Italian evoluzione, potenziamento, sviluppo

evoluzione antonyms

stagnation, creationism, extinction, contraction, revolution, experimental extinction, involution, muscle contraction, muscular contraction, american revolution, shrink, shrink back, nondevelopment, regression, demolish, doldrums, abate, annihilation, contract, compression, cry down, decrease, defunctness, tear down, devour, destroy, destruction, diminish, dismantle, dwindle, extermination, extinguishing, head shrinker, headshrinker, knock down, lessen, stagnancy, immobility, marasmus, stillness, wasting, shrinkage, full circle, innovation, pull down, pull to pieces, pulverise, pulverize, quenching, reduce, run down, psychiatrist, funk, shrivel, flinch, shrivel up, take down, total

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