excellent synonyms and antonyms


English top drawer, top notch, fantabulous, osm, superb, brilliant, bully, crucial, ace, prime, beautiful, excellent
French excellent, brave, superbe, surchoix, vaillant, éminent, tof
Dutch excellent, kostelijk, tiptop, uitmuntend, voortreffelijk, uitstekend


English top notch, superb, excellent, bully, browbeat, bravo, well done, dashing, marvellous, marvelous, splendid, super, bang up, browbeater, henchman, hired thug, pimp, ponce, thug, cow, domineer, hector, intimidate, push around, ride roughshod over, strong arm, coerce, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, terrorise, terrorize, tough, victimizer, yob, yobbo, yobo
French brimeur, brute, tyran, asocial, blouson noir, canis canem edit, casseur, hooligan, houligan, loubard, paumé, pauv'type, rufian, tourmenter, voyou
Dutch pestkop, treiteraar, wreedaard, canis canem edit

top notch

English bully, first rate
French excellent, de premier ordre


English excellent, first class, ripping, splendid


English excellent, osmium, eight
French huit, osmium


English bully, excellent, brilliant, superb, self important, gorgeous, haughty, superlative, superbly


English superb, excellent, bright, brightsome, brainy, clear, exceptional, glittering, glorious, ingenious, magnificent, marvellous, marvelous, saturated, sharp, shining, splendid, wonderful, smart as whip, crash hot, exemplary, fantastic, jewel, lucid, terrific, vivid
French brillant, brillante, génial, luisant, lumineux, magnifique


English excellent, crucial, of essence, critical, decisive, essential, significant, important
French crucial, considérable, grave, important


English excellent, ace, a, first rate, outstanding, asexy, pip, allied command europe, one, angiotensin converting enzyme, pass with flying colours, breeze through, adept, asexual, ation, champion, crackerjack, fiend, genius, guru, hotshot, maven, mavin, sensation, star, superstar, tight, virtuoso, whiz, whizz, wiz, wizard
French ace, as, expert, génie, sensation, trou en un


English excellent, prime, prime number, prime of life, prime quantity, choice, first, flower, golden years, ground, heyday, premier, earliest, greatest, indivisible, meridian, select, bloom, undercoat, premium, bounty, bonus
French prime, premier, amorcer, nombre premier, cadeau, indemnité, subvention, président, sursalaire
Dutch eerste, voornaamste


English excellent, beauteous, bonny, clear, great, lovely, pretty, divine, exquisite, fair, good looking
French beau, belle, abeausir
Dutch mooi, schoon

excellent antonyms

average, mediocre, awful, terrible, ugly, unsightly, bad, poor, grotesque, horrible, performance, composite, light, composite material, composite plant, performance art, average out, poor people, second rater, compound, complex, fair, farcical, gargoyle, fantastical, monstrous, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, tremendous, unappealing, disgusting, grotesqueness, frightening, gruesome, horrifying, nauseating, unspeakable, chilling, abysmal, act, action, agonizing, appalling, arithmetic mean, arithmetical mean, av, conventional, ordinary, intermediate, mean, awed, awe inspiring, nasty, frightfully, carrying into action, carrying out, deed, dirty weather, displaying, dreadful, eerie, execution, frightful, gnarly, heinous, hellish, hideous, homicidal, horrendous, horrid, ill, lousy, common, commonplace, second rate, middling, nondescript, okayish, uninspiring, bad off, badly off, impecunious, indigent, median, modal, norm, operation, public presentation, random, severe, so so

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