expiration synonyms and antonyms


English exhalation, expiry, termination, breathing, respiration, passing, end, expiration
French expiration, échéance


English expiration, exhalation, halitus, breathing out
French expiration, exhalation


English termination, death


English expiration, expiry, end, boundary, conclusion, discontinuance, ending, finish, term, border, close, consequence, discharge, discontinuation, result, end point
French expiration, terminaison, cessation, conclusion, fin, échéance


English expiration, respiration, breathing, breath, eupneic, eupnoeic, external respiration, ventilation
French expiration, respiration, haleine


English expiration, breathing, respiration, cellular respiration, internal respiration, breath
French respiration, respiration cellulaire, haleine


English expiration, passing, departure, exit, going, loss, overtaking, pass, passage, perfunctory, short lived, surpassingly, qualifying, release, transient, transitory
French expiration, passing, passager, abandon, départ, dépassement, passage, sortie, tamisat


English termination, end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, death, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, ending, finish, last, newline, oddment, point, remainder, remnant, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india
French expiration, bout, extrémité, fin, achever, arrêter, but, cesser, clore, confins, dernier, dessein, destruction, finalité, finir, frontière, inde, issue, la fin, limite, que, résilier, solde, terme, terminaison, terminer, tisser, tramer, einde

expiration antonyms

aspiration, inhalation, initiate, originate, inspiration, beginning, begin, inception, ect, start, continuation, er, home, good continuation, pass completion, completion, menachem begin, blow, blow out, electroconvulsive therapy, head start, ecthr, arise, be born, breathing in, develop, grow, home base, home page, home plate, origin, inhalant, intake, invent, nursing home, perpetuation, rest home, start off, start out, start up, continuance, lengthiness, erbium, aire, river aire, eure, lake eyre, aim, aspirate, ambition, brainchild, closing, completeness, duration, persistence, sequel, crown, culmination, enlightened, follow up, induct, novice, introduce, lead up, broach, spark, divine guidance, install, learned person, mop up, pioneer, pundit, rise, savant, spring up, stirring, suggestion, uprise, windup, yearning

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