ezza synonyms and antonyms


English ship, loch ness, hood, mans, ability, dom, ia, ibility, icity, ism, itas, itia, itude, ity, osity, th, promontory, cape
Italian ezza, ità


English ness, ship


English ness, ship, ark, boat, ferry, full, hood, osity, embark, transport, th
Italian ezza, enza, ità, bastimento, battello, nave, naviglio, piroscafo, transatlantico, vascello

ezza antonyms

captain, boat, police captain, gravy boat, deliver, pitch, present, redeem, save, capt, pilot, skipper, supervisor, master, chieftain, come up with goods, free, utter, give birth, render, hand over, surrender, extradite, rescue, disengage, drive home, headwaiter, maitre d, maitre d hotel, police chief, senior pilot, barque, craft, watercraft

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