father synonyms and antonyms


English father of church, male parent, father god, begetter, beget, parson, sr, abba, adopt, daddy, forefather, founder, padre, dad, pa, don

father of church

English father, church father

father god

English father, fatherhood


English father god, forefather, father, founder, padre, priest, military chaplain, parent, sire


English father, ascendant, grandfather, progenitor, sire


English daddy, pa, father, old man, ould fella, papa, pappa, pop, ship, taste, law, dada, daddio, ity, man translations


English dad, father, pa, da, daddio, papa, paw, pop, poppa


English father, bring forth, engender, generate, get, mother, sire


English father, parson, cleric, minister, priest, vicar, curate


English father, sr, steradian, mister, strontium, mr, slovak republic, elder, snr, big, stt


English father, beginner, laminitis, fail, collapse, fall through, founding father, originator


English father, abba, abbot, bee


English father, accept, affiliate, appropriate, approve, assume, avow, espouse, foster, maintain, dramatize, affect, borrow, carry, follow, take in, take over, take up


English dad, daddy, father, pa, pa system, bread, pascal, and, boule, da, hi, if you like, kiss, less, not, grandpa, old man, public address system, pennsylvania, protactinium, pe, personal assistant, picoampere, prosopagnosia, pseudo, see you, see you later, spade, ten, without, palermo


English padre, father, don, don river, undergarment, vomitoxin, preceptor, dress, put on, wear, flair, gift, grain, put, skill, thu, underpants, us, antenna, present, bounty, endowment

father antonyms

mom, mommy, mum, mother, birth, biological, son, orphan, give, child, give away, denounce, disclose, let on, biological child, ruins, doff, fedora, candle, ma, sleazy, take off, nun, momus, wax, banjax, give birth, chrysanthemum, jiffy, mam, ruiner, destroyer, wrecker, son translations, vandal, ruin, demolish, abandon, bbs, brb, jam, mompls, w8, biologic, childs, children, disguise, message oriented middleware, mummy, silent, florist's chrysanthemum, natural, dam, uterus, stub, sound, sone, own, number, thigh, sun, sleep, sleeping, abandonment, relinquishment, such, aband, wantonness, wildness, adjure, cast off, cede, deliver up, demit, desert, drop, evacuate, forego, forsake, forswear, give over, give up, lay down, leave, let go, part with, quit, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, vacate, waive, yield, abdicate, blin, cast aside, depart, desist, dispense, forgo, forlet, jilt, retire, run out on, withdraw, withsake, afterbirth, amount

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