flex synonyms and antonyms


English point of inflection, angle grinder, deform, cord, bend, twist, turn
German biegsamkeit, elastizität, flexibilität

angle grinder

English disc grinder, side grinder
German flex, winkelschleifer


English flex, contort, distort, change shape, strain, uglify


English cord, umbilical cord, electric cord, chord, cable, corduroy, rope, thick, thin, twine, lace, line, scourge, string
German flex, cord, biese, kordel, kurt, leine, nabelschnur, schnur, string


English flex, twist, turn, bend, bend dexter, band, bending, fold, crouch, deflect, compel, corner, crook, curb, curve, give
German beugen, biegen, biegung, knoten, neigen, rumpfbeuge


English flex, bend, turn, twist, twist around, contort, convolute, coup de théâtre, distort, pervert, quarrel, rick, sophisticate, sprain, torture, twine, device, spin, wind, braid, construction, eddy, kink, wrench, writhe, wrick
German auswringen, zwist


English bend, flex, twist, good turn, turn of events, turn over, turn round, artistic gymnastics, tower, act, action, bout, determine, flip, gas, grace notes, grow, lathe, move, move around, play, release, rook, round, swirl, change, complete, dizziness, loop, turning, go, become, go bad, rebel, rotate, change by reversal, change state, sour, call on, plow
German abbiegung, drehen, drehung, kurbeln, sprecherwechsel, turm, turnen, umdrehen, wende, wendung, wenden

flex antonyms

go straight, play it straight, driving, stand, flat, go, stand still, point, still, straighten out, straighten, unravel, flat tire, stay on, stay, stay over, stay put, straight ahead, absorption point, gripe, stand up, straight, platt, impulsive, drive, go out, go away, go game, going, departure, passing, on point, distributor point, decimal point, compass point, point in time, power point, tidy, roll out, titres non pris en charge point, true, unbend, unfathom, unknot, unpick, disentangle, solve, untwist, run, ravel, unscramble, unspin, untangle, topographic point, stall, apartment, bear, bleachers, booth, carry away, cigarette, continue, delay, detain, dullard, estate, even, flabby, boring, deflate, monotone, 2 dimensional, bland, categoric, flavourless, level, matt, monotonous, prostrate, compressed, flatcar, absolutely, bluntly, tops, directly, gueridon, heterosexual, hetty, impoverished, keep one's word, league table, puncture, saucer, shallow

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