flick synonyms and antonyms

motion picture

English flick, film, movie, moving picture


English motion picture, fillip, forehand, riffle, snap, flicker, riff, ruffle, movie, picture, jerk, flip, film, leaf, thumb


English motion picture, flick, movie, film, photographic film, motion picture film, plastic film, celluloid, cinema, shoot, skin, take, video, negative
German flick, movie, film, abbildung, bewegtbild, dünnschicht, laufbild, tonfilm, video, filmen, folie, kino, kinofilm, mitschneiden, schicht, streifen


English motion picture, flick, film, picture, motion picture show, moving picture, moving picture show, pic, picture show
German film, fernsehfilm, kinofilm, spielfilm


English flick, bonus
German philipp, schnalzen


English flick, forehand, forehand shot, forehand stroke, forehanded


English flick, leaf through, ripple


English flick, snap, snap bean, snap fastener, clatter, click, crack, jinx, press stud, catch, cinch, centering, snapshot, elasticity, gingersnap, snatch, tear, break down, photograph, snarl, trigger, systems for nuclear auxiliary power
German snap, abknicken, schnalzen, knacken, knallen


English flick, waver, flitter, flutter, gleam, glimmer, glint, quiver, spark
German flackern, flimmern, goldspecht


English flick, riff, reef, riffian
German riff, klippe, barriere, unterwasserhindernis, untiefe, vamp, motiv, ostinato


English flick, ruffle up, dishevel, disturb, fluff, frill, mess up, pleat, affray, choker, shuffle, ripple, swagger, rumple, unsettle
German rüsche, krause


English flick, movie, mental picture, word picture, depict, exposure, image, photo, photograph, pic, pictorial matter, ikon, painting, video, visualize, render, scene, show
German abbild, bild, foto, gemälde, abbildung


English flick, asshole, dick, dork, fucktard, jolt, numbskull, yank, tug, jerky, twitch, buck, jerking, numbnuts, saccade
German kaffer, narr, ruck, wichser, zuckung, dörren


English flick, flip out, flip over, back flip, damn, snotty nosed, somersault, pass, turn, toss, interchange, throw, pitch, sky, start, turn over, twitch
German umdrehen, durchhänger, stimmung, trüb


English flick, leaf, leaf fat, foliage, folio, leave, leafage, paper, sheet of paper
German blatt, laubblatt


English flick, thumb, hitchhike, leaf through, pollex, digit i, first digit, thumbnail, ovolo, browse, finger, thumby

flick antonyms

flip flap, handspring, backhand, statue, finger, branch, crop, stem, play, flower, laurel and hardy, backhand shot, backhand stroke, hunting crop, stem turn, left slanting, backhanded, chicken finger, child's play, dramatic play, finger's breadth, theatre play, voice, image, human voice, apophony, arm, bifurcate, affluent, article, bough, limb, member, part, ramification, section, shoot, sprig, subdivision, tributary, twig, outgrowth, ramify, browse, cane, craw, harvest, clip, curtail, cut off, gather, mow, pluck, reap, reduce, snip, cultivate, crude form, first stomach, fork, furcate, graze, halt, head, leg, maw, pasture, range, separate, stale, stanch, staunch, tail, bow, shank, root, stalk, due to, switch, trifurcation, vote, whip, yield

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