gmina synonyms and antonyms


English commune, municipality, community
Polish kahał, urząd gminny


English municipality, community, commune, common, communicate, town, spotted salamander, township, village
Polish gmina, komuna, gromada
French gmina, commune, commune de paris, municipalité, ville, communier, communiquer, localité


English municipality, local administrative unit
Polish gmina, miejscowość
French commune, municipalité, cité


English community, virtual community, biotic community, community of interests, residential district, jagir, nation, order
Polish gmina, społeczność
French commune, communauté, communion

gmina antonyms

chance, anticommunity, odds, break, occasion, opening, opportunity, possibility, room, risk, prospect, accident, casual, casualty, probability, luck, find, gamble, contingency, fortuity, serendipity, likelihood, prognosis, fortune

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