gorgée synonyms and antonyms


English blueprint, gulp, draft, draft copy, bill of exchange, compose, conscript, draught, swig, conscription, enlist, drawing, order of payment, outline, potation, rough drawing, tipple, working
French draft, brouillon, courant, courant d’ air, dessin, gorgée, proposition, repêchage, rédaction, rédiger, ébauche, ébaucher


English draft, blueprint, cyanotype, ground plan, road map, schematic, scheme, design, draught, pattern
French cyanotype, brouillon, dessin, dessin de définition, dessiner, gorgée, lynx, mode, modèle, projet, rédiger, spécimen, élaborer


English draft, swallow, belt, codpiece, draught, drink, gulping, ingurgitate, lock, quaff, swig
French baar, golf, gorgée, braguette, brouillon, glou, gloups, lampée, vague


English nip, sip, boat, glum, nurse, ship, snuggle, yep, zip fastener
French sip, gorgée, absorber, chypre, siroter, super


English sip, nip off, clip, dram, grandson, jap, little of creature, nibble, chilliness, relish, pinch, pin, piquance, piquancy, piquantness, shot, snifter, snip, snip off, tang, tanginess, zest
French gorgée, jap, neveu, pincer


English taste, mouthful, bite, jawbreaker
French a mouthful, bouchée, gorgée


English mouthful, taste, sense of taste, taste perception, taste sensation, button, key, pushbutton, appreciation, as you wish, discernment, gustation, gustatory modality, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, optionally, perceptiveness, savor, savour, impression, smack, preference, at will, hint, sample, tasting
French touche, au goût, goût, saveur, bouchée, bouton poussoir, gorgée, gouter, goûter, savourer


English gulp, swallow, deglutition, drink, get down, sup, martin, absorb, brook, buy, consume, disavow, accept, immerse, take back, unsay, withdraw
French swallow, gorgée, hirondelle, avaler, absorber, aronde, boire, boisson, hirondelle rustique, hirundinidae, retirer, spiritueux, supprimer

gorgée antonyms

spit out, spit, throw up, chuck up, tuck, bland, out, throw, throw up one's hands, give up, throw in towel, throw over, break up, vomit, expectorate, splutter, regurgitate, among, catch sight of, sight, code smell, sense of smell, smell, eat on, eat, amongst, insipid, flavourless, suave, flat, full, insert, spit up, reproduce, spiceless, underwhelming, wan, dig, expectoration, quality, accident, appear, bang, caliber, calibre, cam stroke, character, come out, flip, gentry, ken, lineament, odor, odour, olfaction, olfactory modality, olfactory perception, olfactory sensation, knocked out, come out of closet, ptyalise, ptyalize, saliva, scent, scope, sense, view, batch, aim, espy, see, olfactory property, spirit, detect, stink, smack, smelling, something, spew, spike, skewer, sprinkle, spitting, spue, spy, tongue, rapier, gather, vision, visual modality, visual sense

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