gouter synonyms and antonyms


English snack, taste


English snack, snack food, bever, bite, bull, nosh, talk, twaddle, undern
French gouter, snack bar, casse croute, casse croûte, goûter, hors d'œuvre, déjeuner, en cas, encas, grignoter, grignotine


English taste, sense of taste, taste perception, taste sensation, button, key, pushbutton, appreciation, as you wish, discernment, gustation, gustatory modality, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, mouthful, optionally, perceptiveness, savor, savour, impression, smack, preference, at will, hint, sample, tasting
French gouter, touche, au goût, goût, saveur, bouchée, bouton poussoir, gorgée, goûter, savourer

gouter antonyms

bland, among, catch sight of, sight, code smell, sense of smell, smell, spiceless, suave, underwhelming, wan, amongst, insipid, flavourless, flat, quality, accident, appear, bang, caliber, calibre, character, gentry, ken, lineament, odor, odour, olfaction, olfactory modality, olfactory perception, olfactory sensation, scent, scope, sense, view, batch, aim, espy, see, olfactory property, spirit, detect, stink, smack, smelling, spy, vision, visual modality, visual sense, select, timbre, upper class

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