grație synonyms and antonyms


English elegance, dainty, flair, funkiness, polish
Romanian eleganță, finețe, grație


English grace, free grace, grace period, grace of god, saving grace, state of grace, adorn, blessing, embellish, excellency, flair, good will, goodwill, seemliness, mense, decorate, deck, gracility, highness, thanksgiving
Romanian eleganță, grație

grație antonyms

sin, clumsy, sine, son, qing dynasty, unskilful, awkward, bunglesome, bungling, cumbersome, ungainly, butterfingers, galoot, klutz, graceless, ham fisted, heavy handed, lump, maladroit, blame, blunder, boob, breast, drop ball, goof, grave, her, hers, herself, his, impeccable, less, nanna, one's, offence, sinfulness, sinning, son translations, song, tendon, their, transgress, trespass, unprecedented, waterless, wickedness, without

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