graisse synonyms and antonyms

adipose tissue

English adipose tissue, fat, fatty tissue, bodyfat, adiposity
French graisse, tissu adipeux, gras, gros, matière grasse


English adipose tissue, fatness, dirt, grease, fat


English adipose tissue, fatness, grease, fat, file allocation table, dish, destiny, fate, luck, fortune, barrel, fact, bountiful, chubby, thick, fatty, juicy, productive, vat, fatten, father, flesh, overweight, plate, superfluity
French graisse, fat, gras, gros, bellâtre, fade, lipide, lipidique, matière grasse, pédant, tonneau, épais


English fat, avoirdupois, blubber, thickness
French graisse, gras, gros, obésité


English grease, ungraded, filth, soil, scandal, crap, earth, grime, grunge, mud, stain
French graisse, boue, terre, cochonnerie, grunge, ordure, souillure, tache


English dirt, fat, grease, bump off, lard, lubricating oil
French graisse, grease, amender, graisser, étendre

graisse antonyms

lean, thin, skinny, slim, soap, clean, health, leanness, meagerness, slim down, thesaurus:clean, clean living, clean and jerk, clean out, clean up, make clean, soft soap, soap opera, spareness, thinness, easy lay, georgia home boy, goop, grievous bodily harm, liquid ecstasy, skimpy, penny pinching, tightly fitting, underweight, dope, thinny, european chub, angle, buttress, cord, follow, deficient, tilt, purple drank, sizzurp, list, tend, mucus, proceed, rest, reward, slant, slender, reduce, slime, sly, tip, unleavened, weak, blank, neat, sportsmanlike, unclouded, uninfected, fairly, cleanse, scavenge, houseclean, clear, cradle, fair, fresh, healthiness, heartiness, robustness

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