grajd synonyms and antonyms


English cowhouse, cowbarn
Romanian grajd, staul de vaci


English cowshed, stable
Romanian staul, văcăreață


English stable, fixed, unchanging, heya, stalls, static, unflinching
Romanian grajd, stabil, staul

grajd antonyms

unstable, instable, insane, mobile, variable, change, unbalanced, imbalanced, metastable, mobile phone, mobile river, out of whack, brainsick, variable quantity, variable star, change oneself, protean, shaky, unsteady, mentally ill, precarious, fluid, labile, weak, crazy, mad, harebrained, changeable, commutable, cell phone, cellphone, cellular telephone, bananas, barking, barking mad, barmy, batcrap, batpoop, bats, batshit, batty, bonkers, bread baskets, cook, cracked, crackers, cray, cray cray, crazed, cuckoo, daft, demented, doolally, dotty, eccentric, fruit loops, fucked up, hatstand, kooky, loony, loony tunes, loopy, lunatic, mental, mentally disturbed, non compos mentis, nucking futs, nuts, nutso, nutty, potty, psycho, psychotic, screwy, squirrelly, weird, whacko, accident, adjust, adjustment, affect, alter, alteration, alternation, transition, variety, transform, deepen, switch, transfer, exchange, commute, convert, entitize, exchange rate, innovation, nomadic, motile, motive, movable, piece of furniture, relocatable, uncertain, aberrant, alterable, fickle, varying, parameter, versatile

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