greav synonyms and antonyms


English graf, heavy


English graf, stephanie graf, grave, graph, plot, count, chart, earl, gram, grapher, graveyard, reeve, sepulchre, graft
Romanian greav, conte


English big, boldfaced, deep, exacting, fiend, dark, sweer, backbreaking, clayey, grievous, impenetrable, intemperate, laboured, leaden, lumbering, overweight, sonorous, sullen, wakeless, weighed down, with child, heavily, ponderous, severe, vicious, weightful
rm greav, greiv, grev, pasant, pasànt, pesant, pesont

greav antonyms

light, lightweight, lite, glad, light weight, weight, little, whippersnapper, dispute, less, calorie free, lith, thin, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, quarrel, row, porridge, altercation, affray, fight, lawsuit, legal action, slippery, smooth, smoothen, country, famine, gay, pleased, beaming, happy, gladiolus, hunger, ice, jocular, lighthearted, bright, burn, catch fire, easy, flash on, idle, illume, illuminate, illumination, illumine, pale, delicate, inconsequential, abstemious, lightsome, promiscuous, unaccented, unclouded, wakeful, comprehension, enlightenment, insight, knowledge, lighter, luminosity, sparkle, lightly, ignite, alight, chance upon, fall, unhorse, lighting, lightness, scant, set alight, short, sunrise, take fire, traffic signal, unleaded, visible radiation, weak, weedy

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