greutate synonyms and antonyms


English weight, hardship, gravity


English weight, exercising weight, free weight, weight unit, heaviness, system of weights, burden, slant, weightiness, weighting


English misfortune, travail, trouble, visitation, calamity, distress, affliction, burden, fatigue, grievance, hardness, injury, privation, suffering, toil, weariness, asperity, adversity
Romanian greutate, adversitate, dificultate


English gravity, gravitation, gravitational attraction, gravitational force, grave, weightfulness, graveness, solemnity
Romanian greutate, gravitație

greutate antonyms

levity, lightness, gain, reduce, gain ground, flippancy, instability, airiness, buoyancy, frivolité, thoughtlessness, weightlessness, floating, agility, light, lightsomeness, elation, aimless, heavy, abate, boil down, bring down, come down, concentrate, crop, cut, cut back, cut down, decrease, diminish, dirac constant, downgrade, inspissate, knock down, lessen, limit, lower, natation, accept, acquire, advance, bring in, clear, earn, amplification, profit, addition, reach, derive, gather, get ahead, hill, increase, lucre, make, make headway, big, boldfaced, deep, exacting, fiend, dark, sweer, backbreaking, clayey, grievous, impenetrable, intemperate, laboured, leaden, lumbering, overweight, sonorous, sullen, wakeless, weighed down, with child, heavily, melt off, mushroom, ponderous, pull ahead, pull in, put on, realise, realize, decimate, abridge, dilute, shrink, deoxidize, repress, reduct, scale down, severe, slenderize, slim, slim down, speed up, take in, thin, tighten, trim, trim back, trim down, vicious, weaken, weightful, win, yield, deck, layer, mound, cream, crest, peak, top, natural elevation, net income

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