guise synonyms and antonyms


English guise, pretense, pretext, plea, blag, excuse, stalking horse
French prétexte, couvert
Malay alasan, dalih, helah


English pretence, disguise, pretense, pretext, way, a, guise
French guise, apparence, allure, prétention, prétexte
Malay guise, alasan, helah, kepalsuan, muslihat, pura pura, samaran, sebuah kemiripan seni


English guise, pretense, presumption, pretension
French prétention, simulacre


English guise, pretense, camouflage, mask, cloak, hide, dissemble, tight
French déguisement, camouflage, déguiser, masquer, se déguiser
Malay bertopengkan, menutup muka, menyamar, menyarukan, menyembunyikan, penyamaran, samaran, samarkan diri, topeng


English disguise, pretence, guise, pretext, false pretense, act, dissembling, feigning, make believe, pretending, affectation, fiction, imitation, sham, subterfuge, pretension, simulation
French prétention, prétexte, simulacre, simulation
Malay kepura puraan, pura pura


English guise, way, way of life, expedience, long, pass, path, significantly, sister, stepping stone, tread, use, advance, alley, approach, artery, behaviour, channel, course, custom, device, distance, fashion, habitude, highroad, interval, journey, manner, method, pathway, practice, road, scheme, second nature, space, step, street, trail, usage, wise, wont, means, direction, room, far, so, right smart
French way, chemin, voie, acheminement, façon, habitude, manière, mode, mode de vie, méthode, piste, sens, traire, trajet
Malay jalan, cara, cara hidup, gaya, gaya hidup, jurusan, kondisi secara umum, laluan, pengkhususan, perangai, saluran


English a, search algorithm, ampere, mass number, alanine, aa, and, garlic, steal, angstrom, an, au, aud, ess, ette, euse, o, rix, she, å, la dièse, plus, ace, adenine, deoxyadenosine monophosphate, vitamin, ad, ah, already, always, arc, at, at hands of, at rate of, australian dollar, blame, break sweat, but, eh, from, give rise to, group, hello, her, hi, his, home, how much does it cost, ic, in, in order to, in respect of, its, laters, ly, ninety, o'clock, oh, or, re, the, their, to, toward, type, um, up to, wake up and smell coffee, your, enclosed, love, workaholic, repel, wing, silver, eye
French guise, a, fia groupe a, groupe a, la, un, une, in, ah, ail, ce, championnat de hongrie de basket ball, de, depuis, elle, et, il, ique, ième, jadis, le, oh, ou, pour, que, son, sur, vos, votre, vous, à, ô, œil, а
Malay a, e

guise antonyms

highway, high road, expressway, freeway, hwy, interstate, motorway, parkway, main road, roadway

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