gumbo synonyms and antonyms


English gumbo soil, okra, abyss, den, gumbo
Finnish okra, gumbo, liete, lietemaa
Portuguese gumbo, quiabeiro, quiabo


English gumbo, okra, okra plant, abelmoschus esculentus, hibiscus esculentus, lady's finger, ochre, bhindi, ladies fingers, ocher
Finnish gumbo, okra, okran kota, abelmoschus esculentus, hibiscus esculentus, okrankeltainen, okranvärinen, keltamulta, okrakasvi, okranväri
Portuguese quiabeiro, quiabo


English abyss, abysm, depth, fess point, perdition
Finnish abyss, abyss syvyys, horna, kuilu, pohjaton kuilu, syvyys
Portuguese abyss, the abyss, a obra ao negro, abismo, chris parks
Spanish abyss, the abyss, abismo, opus nigrum


English den, denier, human, day, an, lair, hideout, dyke, everything, for, from, guy, it's, it, outran, person, pine, repaid, than, that one, the, this, this time
Finnish the new den, luola, pesä, rauhallinen soppi, se, sudenpentuvartio
Portuguese the den, gabinete, sala, cova, toca
Spanish the den, cubil, guarida, madriguera, gabinete

gumbo antonyms

noc, night

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