gush synonyms and antonyms

shoot forth

English gush out, spurt out, gush, spurt, spout, sprinkle

gush out

English shoot forth, spurt out, spurt, gush, spout, sprinkle

spurt out

English gush out, shoot forth, gush, spurt, spout, sprinkle


English gush out, shoot forth, spurt out, jet, spurt, gush, burst, spirt, spout, forge


English spurt out, gush out, shoot forth, effusion, rave, flush, jet, spurt


English rave, gush, rave up, rave party, damn, radish, act crazy, rant, taproot


English effusion, gush, blowup, ebullition, outburst, bloodshed


English flush, gush, bloom, even, even out, double clean, wealthy, blush, bang, hot flash, flower, sluice, heat, level, outpouring, purge, scour, well to do


English jet, gush, spurt, jet plane, jet propelled plane, bed, fling, coal black, fountain, k, jets, ride, spirt, squirt, toss, jettison, shot, throw, holiday, shed, project, fix, inject

gush antonyms

trickle, dribble, filter, drip

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