haart synonyms and antonyms


English drug cocktail, loud

drug cocktail

English haart, highly active antiretroviral therapy
Finnish haart, kombinaatiolääkehoito, yhdistelmälääkehoito


English boisterous, clamorous, deafening, emphatic, flashy, gaudy, glaring, high sounding, impressive, noisy, obstreperous, ostentatious, resounding, showy, sonorous, stentorian, strong, stunning, tumultuous, uproarious, vociferous, vulgar, garish, forte, gimcrack, loudly, orotund
Finnish kovalla, äänekäs, voimakas

haart antonyms

soft, inaudible, quiet, silence, quiet down, soft serve, unhearable, voiceless, silent, soundless, be quiet, inaudibility, motionless, unruffled, abate, lull, caressing, cuddlesome, easy, fluffy, limp, noiselessly, order, peaceable, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, tranquillity, quietly, calm, quieten, quietness, sedate, shut up, hush, whist, muteness, secrecy, silently, still, tranquilize, over, mild, daft, gentle, meek, non abrasive, balmy, cushy, delicate, diffused, flaccid, indulgent, piano, subdued, voiced, softcore pornography, software, weak

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