habitué synonyms and antonyms

used to

English wont, accustomed to, wont to, accustomed, would


English used to, wont, fiend, regular, fan, bug, habitué
French habitué, habituée


English used to, custom, customary, habit, way, wone
French habitué, habitude
Italian abituato, avvezzo, abitudine


English habitué, bug, rapscallion, reprobate, scalawag, scallywag, scamp, scapegrace, scholar, scoundrel, shaitan, varlet, archfiend, cacodemon, caitiff, crackerjack, devotee, dopehead, druggie, enemy, enthusiast, addict, aficionado, authority, baddie, baddy, beast, brute, cognoscente, connoisseur, crackajack, dab hand, devil, druggy, evildoer, fanatic, fancier, fool, ghost, ghoul, ghoulie, head, heavy, hophead, hotshot, hound, imp, junky, knave, maniac, maven, mavin, meanie, meany, miscreant, monster, no good, past master, proficient, rascal, rogue, savage, shark, sharp, stoner, sucker, virtuoso, whiz, wizard, wretch
French démon, toxicomane


English regular, regulate, tune, mediocre, so so, baffle, time, adjust, amicable, caffeinated, denizen, equable, even, fixture, frequent, habitue, just, natural, punctual, normal, steady, uniform, weak, unconstipated, veritable, frequenter
French habitué, normal, ordinaire, ponctuel, périodique, régulier


English fan, sports fan, hand fan, science, groupie, admirer, enthusiast, rooter, supporter, aficionado, buff, deuce, devotee, winnow, fanboy, from, fuck, goddamn, hunger, lover, scenester, shit, stay, stir up, van, fandom
French fan, adepte, adhérent, fana, supporteur, éventail, admirateur, admiratrice, accro, amant, amoureux, aérer, diable, aficionado, inconditionnel, passionné, fatche de con, merde, rester, soufflante, ventilateur, ventiler
Italian habitué, fan, ammiratore, appassionato, supporter, tifoso, ventaglio, tifo, aficionado, amante, patito, ventilatore, ventola


English habitué, fiend, bug, ruscus aculeatus, abdomen, bow, nose, bay, beetle, belly, addict, aficionado, bacterium, buh, crackbrain, crazy, devotee, fanatic, fancier, fool, fruitcake, head, head case, hound, loon, loony, maniac, maven, nutcase, nutter, sickie, sicko, sucker, wacko, hemipterous insect, microbe, hassle, tease, wiretap, glitch, insect, pest, pester, prow, steam
French bug, avant, bogue, proue, insecte, punaise, accroc, bibitte, boguer, boug méridional, boug occidental, boug oriental, coccinelle, faire chier, glitch, mouchard, petite bête, plantage, ventre, vibroflex
Italian bug, prora, prua, cimice, insetto, baco, microspia, radiospia

habitué antonyms

strong, irregular, goofy, secular, hater, would, abnormal, must, tall, worldly, strong willed, might, unpredictable, back, stern, devil, heck, fuck, despiser, hell, on earth, ridiculous, sam hill, what on earth, hedge, number, numeral, figure, mock, scots pine, fur, aberrant, atypical, black, cockamamie, commitment, deviant, enormous, erratic, fitful, whacky, goof, have, have to, heteroclite, unsymmetrical, temporary, unorthodox, guerrilla, nonpracticing, occasional, preternatural, profane, second, laic, layman, teratoid, trapezoid, uncertain, unnatural, unreligious, be so good as to, wouldn’t, scratchy, uneven, unsteady, jolting, patchy, rough, unwholesomeness, morbidness, morbidity, cut, vermillion rockfish, knife edge, dent, haircut, deletion, piece, chap, slit, burly, firm, hard, hardy, hefty, high, lamb, loud, may, mightiness, mightn’t, imperative, requirement, mold, moldiness, mustiness

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