habitual synonyms and antonyms


English accustomed, customary, wonted, inveterate, usual, regular, frequent, current, habitual
Catalan habitual, ordinari
Portuguese habitual, natural, normal


English wonted, customary, habitual, habituate, used to
Catalan habitual, acostumat
Spanish habitual, acostumbrado
Galician habitual, acostumado, adoito, afeito
Portuguese habitual, usual, habituado, acostumado


English wonted, accustomed, wont


English customary, accustomed, habitual, usual, conventional, wontish


English accustomed, wonted, regular, usual, lowbrow, ordinary, common, characteristic
Catalan habitual, usual, comú, normal
Spanish habitual, usual, común, normal
Galician habitual, usual
Portuguese habitual, usual, comum, costumeiro, genérico, geral, ordinário


English unrepentant, chronic, ineradicable, deep rooted, ingrained, radicated, chronically
Catalan habitual, crònic, empedreït, inveterat
Spanish habitual, crónico
Portuguese crónico, crônico, inveterado


English frequent, regular, regulate, tune, mediocre, so so, baffle, time, adjust, amicable, caffeinated, denizen, equable, even, fixture, habitue, just, natural, punctual, normal, steady, uniform, weak, unconstipated, veritable, frequenter
Catalan habitual, usual, regular, asidu, exacte
Spanish habitual, usual, regular, uniforme
Portuguese habitual, normal, regrar, regulamentar


English regular, frequent, continual, recurring, steady, patronize, haunt, pollakiuria
Catalan habitual, freqüentar, sovintejar
Spanish habitual, frecuente, frecuentar
Portuguese frequentar, frequente, freqüentar, freqüente, visitar


English electric current, fashionable, present, topical, electricity, flow, stream, new, nowaday, relevant
Catalan corrent, corrent elèctric, riu
Spanish actual, corriente, electricidad, corriente eléctrica, vigente
Galician habitual, actual, en curso, presente
Portuguese corrente elétrica, electricidade, eletricidade, corrente

habitual antonyms

yesterday's news, old news, unusual, casual, secular, transient, outdated, rare, later, news, future, back, old, later on, surprisingly, strange, irregular, uncommon, believe it or not, frighteningly, future tense, resistance, electric resistance, see you later, uncharacteristic, worldly, anachronistic, back up, dated, news item, news program, now, now that, here and now, past tense, past, past times, unexpectedly, unusually, astonishingly, unaccustomed, sporadic, accidental, after, brick, contingent, fortuitous, incidental, informal, offhand, random, relaxed, unexpected, everyday, fooling, free and easy, insouciant, occasional, perfunctory, chance, different, effortless, haphazard, in short supply, indolence, succeeding, late, ulterior, by and by, subsequently, nonpracticing, obsolete, out of date, parachronistic, superseded, superannuated, profane, laic, layman, brief, ephemeral, fleeting, flighty, fugacious, passing, temporary, transitory, short lived, transeunt, homeless, itinerant, unreligious, causeless, co occurrent

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