habituate synonyms and antonyms


English habituate, advise, familiarize, introduce, inform, let know


English acquaint, inure, accustom, accustomed, use


English habituate, use, harden, indurate


English habituate, use


English habituate, customary, habitual, used to, wonted


English accustom, inure, habituate, make use of, apply, consumption, employ, employment, enjoyment, exercise, expend, interest, out, tool, usage, ability, adaptability, advantage, appliance, application, avail, benefit, convenience, conversion, custom, disposal, method, practice, treatment, usefulness, utility, utilization, way, wear, manipulation, function, habit, absorb, administer, consume, deal with, engage, exert, exhaust, familiarize, harden, improve, manipulate, occupy, operate, ply, practise, swallow up, take advantage of, treat, turn to account, utilize, waste, wear out, wield, work, usury, utilisation, utilise

habituate antonyms

waste, paint, misuse, abuse, permissive waste, lay waste to, waste material, waste matter, waste product, preserve, misappropriate, pervert, misapply, confiture, keep, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, face card, ink, new, brand new, blow, consumption, decay, desolate, destroy, devastation, dissipation, dustcart, emaciate, extravagance, garbage, litter, macerate, rouge, key, color, colour, pigment, fresh, refuse, rot, run off, squander, trashy, godforsaken, desert, discards, rubbish, wasteland, wilderness, thriftlessness, barren, pine away, consume, neutralize, wastefulness

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