habitude synonyms and antonyms


English custom made, substance abuse, traffic pattern, wont, customs, habit, fashion, practice, way, custom
French coutume, usage

custom made

English custom, custom built, bespoke
French habitude, personnalisé, sur mesure, coutume

substance abuse

English habit, drug abuse
French habitude, abus de drogues, coutume, toxicomanie


English substance abuse, wont, way, habit, custom, riding habit, addiction, idiosyncrasy, use, article of dress, dress coat, evening dress, full dress, garment, tails, dress suit
French habitude, habiller, appel, application, coutume, emploi, exploitation, fringue, grâce, vêtement, manie, mode, travers, usage, utilisation, utiliser

traffic pattern

English approach pattern, pattern


English custom made, wont, customs, fashion, habit, practice, way, bespoke, usage, wone, tradition, usance, use
French habitude, coutume, changer de crémerie, douane, douanier, identité, mode, tradition, usage


English habit, way, custom, customary, used to, wone
French habitude, habitué


English custom, customs duty, impost, toll
French habitude, douane, douanes, coutume, coutumier


English way, fashion, custom, manner, forge, mode
French habitude, mode, vogue, façon, façonner, forge, forger, manière


English wont, fashion, habitude, practice, way, custom, way of life, expedience, long, pass, path, significantly, sister, stepping stone, tread, use, advance, alley, approach, artery, behaviour, channel, course, device, distance, guise, highroad, interval, journey, manner, method, pathway, road, scheme, second nature, space, step, street, trail, usage, wise, means, direction, room, far, so, right smart
French habitude, way, chemin, voie, acheminement, façon, manière, mode, mode de vie, méthode, piste, sens, traire, trajet
ia cammino, via


English way, custom, apply, commit, do, exercise, pattern, drill, rehearse, practise, praxis, use
French habitude, pratique, activité, appliquer, assurer, coutume, employer, est ce que, exercer, exercice, faire, pratiquer, praxis, utiliser

habitude antonyms

ready made, frumpy, off peg, cliched, one by one, one at time, one after another, one time, in one case, would, performance, highway, once, former, erstwhile, test, must, out, time, one way light time, one more time, one step at time, performance art, dowdy, individually, owlt, one's private time, one's free time, one's life time, one way propagation time, one's time, frumpish, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, pandowdy, might, mental test, psychometric test, examination, examen, act, action, black, carrying into action, carrying out, come out, commitment, deed, displaying, execution, have, have to, high road, expressway, freeway, hwy, interstate, motorway, parkway, main road, may, mightiness, mightn’t, imperative, requirement, mold, moldiness, mustiness, mustn’t, knocked out, come out of closet, power, requisite, roadway, unclean, want, be so good as to, used to, wouldn’t

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